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We will be closing Sunday, August 18 at 5pm

to celebrate the life and legacy of our friend

Jordan Disko

Mon & Wed. 1pm - 10pm

Tues & Thurs. 4pm - 10pm

Fri. 1pm - 8pm

Sat. and Sun. 12pm - 8pm


Interested in learning to rock climb?  Well, why not learn in the controlled, safe environment at Stoneworks, where one of our professional instructors will show you the ropes.

M att working out a boulder problem

Matt working out a boulder problem

Intro to Sport Climbing and Basic Safety


This course is designed to teach the beginning climber how to belay, tie their knots, and fit harnesses.  Most importantly, the course will teach climbers how to perform safety checks on themselves and others.  Climbing technique will also be leanred, giving you a platform to start from. 

Each class includes a one month pass to Stoneworks, including equipment rental.

To insure the highest level of instruction, safety, and enjoyment, all classes are limited to four students and are by appointment only.

Classes are Saturdays or Sundays from 1pm – 3pm

Wednesdays from 7pm - 9pm.

Thursdays from 7pm - 9pm



Private Technique Classes


Climb stronger and smarter with Josh Dinsdale's one-on-one technical classes.  Topics include footwork, precision hand placement, body positioning, balance, strength, and endurance training.  Built around what you want to learn and which weaknesses you want to strengthen, the course will begin with your instructor observing you climb and then move towards developing a plan for you.

These classes are focused on getting you to climb your best.

Click here to schedule.

$50. / hour




Lead Climbing Class


Learn how to safely lead-climb with one of our well-trained Stoneworks staff.  This course is designed for those who already know how to top-rope belay and who desire to take that next step towards more advanced rock climbing.  We will teach you how to properly lead belay with both a grigri and ATC, clip safely, manage the rope, catch a lead fall & take a lead fall, and then allow you to practice your new skills.

Classes are scheduled Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday evenings.  Call to make your appointment.